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What You Need to Look for in a Galapagos Hotel that You Should Book

Many travelers who wanted to explore the Galapagos Islands comfortably and in style should book the cruise on the yacht or the cruise ship because Galapagos hotels were not very impressive and they are also highly priced. But such is not the case anymore. With the tourism helping to improve the services in Galapagos, there are many fine hotels that you will be able to choose from these days in the four different islands and there are also visitors who have chosen to sleep on land and go for day trips when it comes to visiting those beautiful Galapagos visitor sites.

In the past, there were only a few hotels in the islands but the present tourism boom has surely helped in the increase of the hotels, the restaurants, the travel agents and other visitor services. So how can you now find the right hotel? You should know that the costs of the hotels in Galapagos are much pricier as compared in the mainland Ecuador. You may have to pay at least double of what you are going to pay for in the same hotel in Otavalo, Quito or any other. In fact, the cheapest hotel that you may find can charge you 20 dollars for every person each night and the most expensive one would charge 200 dollars a night. There are several choices that you will get to find in between but you should be doing your homework in order to find that fantastic hotel that you must opt for.

As you search for a hotel, there are a few amenities that you must look for. An important thing that you have to consider is the air conditioning. Today, the days are getting really hot in Galapagos and air conditioning is really a must during most of the year. A lot of the hotels do have it but not all. What you may get as an alternative in the very cheap hotels is an electric fan.

The very modern hotels are going to have Wi-Fi and also free internet use for the guests. It is a great thing that you also find this when searching for a hotel particularly when you will be using the internet often because the internet cafes there are aren’t very reliable and they are also quite expensive.

It is also great to book a hotel that has an ocean view. There are a lot of hotels especially the more expensive ones that provide the ocean view rooms when you go for this.

One great option that you can go for is Finch Bay Hotel. This is in Santa Cruz Island. You will be able to get a peaceful environment from this hotel. Also, this has 21 guest rooms and they have a private bathroom and offers a hot water facility, soap dispenser, shampoo and hair dryer. This also has the lounge, the bar and restaurant and they are serving international cuisines. Aside from the accommodation, the hotel also provides island trips as well as the scuba diving tours to the tourists.

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Updated: November 25, 2019 — 4:43 pm
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