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God has a tendency to favor those who are aligned to him. He is therefore not a service provider. If you come to Him because you want something from Him, you probably will not get it. If you do get it you might lose it and not get it again. By giving the righteous more wealth God has a tie post from which he can further his kingdom.

Your local pawnshop or trusted jeweler is a good place to sell off your gold and earn cash. It is expected that the offer they might give is lower than what you expect for your gold item, but nonetheless, they give a reasonable price most of the time. The downside is possibly having to drive around visiting multiple locations before finding one that both wants to buy your items and offers an acceptable price.

Do your homework well. There are many people, companies or scams and websites these days that claim that the gold price is going to go to ,000 per oz. or even ,000 per oz. The truth is no one knows for sure where the price of gold or silver is heading, now or in the future. You might have to wait 30 years like me to get your return on investment.

Many of the current investors are looking to silver bullion as an inflation hedge, but that is really only part of the story. Not only is silver undervalued versus gold, but silver is a hedge with an industrial kicker. Silver is used in thousands of industrial processes and is in high demand. More than half of the silver being produced today gets used up buy industry. We’ve all seen the uses for silver continually grow in this electronics age. Thirty years ago we had a twenty year supply of silver above ground for industry. Today that supply has dwindled to less than a year’s supply.

Note: A Karat is an unit of measure used in defining the amount of gold in an item. However, a Carat is an unit of measured used for the weight of a gemstone.

3)Only buy bullion coins and bullion bars. Gold bullion is simply gold that is produced in mass quantities. Gold bullion is 99.9% pure gold and comes as government minted coins, rounds, ingots, and bars. Buy gold bullion because the premium that it carries over the spot price is minimal. For example, the gold price today is about ,100/ounce. If you were to buy a numismatic gold coin it might cost between ,500 and 0,000 for one coin. A bullion coin like the American Gold Eagle might be over the spot price. A much better deal.

This is the reason why it is the reason a Christian should not go out of their house without praying. The devil is going about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. When you have not prayed, you have literally not pronounced Gods grace upon your life for that particular day. The bible tells us that his mercies are new every morning. This means if you do not pray on Wednesday, you will be functioning on the mercies of Tuesday which would have expired. Something silly may happen that will make you forget a mandatory field on your tender paper, and you lose that big order. God will be guiltless because he told you to commit your works to him but you had actually chose to forget.

Finally, silver coins have become the “common man’s metal”. If you are you are looking to buy precious metals and your choice is between gold at 00 per ounce and silver at per ounce , most people are going for the because it appears to be a bargain.

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