Gold Chart Historical and Price Today


The counter balance for paper financial assets such as the Dollar and Bonds is real tangible assets. Preferably one’s that are not debt financed (Real Estate) and not economically sensitive (Oil and Industrial Metals) and that leaves our favourite – Gold!

Also appearing to be oversold is gold, which Tom McClellan agrees has recently correlated with AAPL stock. In a recent TV interview he stated that Commercial Hedgers (usually right, not contrary) are the most Bullish since 2001. He sees an offset correlation to the SPX of ’06-’09 to the gold price today. In another TV survey, gold Bulls dropped from 71% in 2012 to 44% this year. Other notable gold Bulls include Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific and Jim Rickard of Tangent Capital. Ambidexterously, Nouriel Roubini sees gold going to 00 in the next two years!

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